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Combining food safety, competitive pricing and sustainable design of food and beverage products

The world’s population is growing exponentially. By 2050 global food consumption will have increased by 70% while resources become scarcer. At the same time, consumer expectations of the food and beverage industry are becoming constantly more demanding – in terms of safety, pricing and environmental issues. The challenge for the food industry lies in reconciling these expectations.
Food safety, economic performance, and environmental performance are strategic levers that can help you make your products more attractive, increase your brand value and develop your business.
of global packaging is used in the food industry
of energy is consumed when using recycled plastic instead of virgin plastic
of consumers are prepared to pay more for environmentally-friendly products

3 Questions to Salvatore Albano, SUEZ Global Food & Beverage Market Director

Discover how SUEZ is helping the Food & Beverage industry face the growing demand for sustainable food products and rising living standards with circular models for the resources consumption.

Food & Beverage industry - Combining food safety, competitive pricing & sustainable packaging - SUEZ

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Our solutions

Providing support throughout your operations, from factory efficiency to brand appeal

We combine strategic support and operational implementation through a wide range of solutions. It is this winning combination that allows us to apply the right solution, in the right place and at the right time, according to your needs.

Improve brand and products value

Differentiate your products, sustain your brand

Co-construct valuable environmental differentiators, to solidify your license to operate.
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Biogaz production

Increase resource recovery

We provide solutions to help you meet environmental goals, by reducing water footprint, recovering organic by-products, improving packaging circularity and reducing carbon footprint. 
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Improve operational efficiency

Improve operational efficiency

Speed up your productivity and reduce your risks. Our offering not only trims down your life-cycle costs but also upgrades food grade safety and quality standards.
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