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Sales engineer

Graduate accessible

Graduate accessible
Sales engineers contribute to business development and increase sales margin by entering new markets and helping to win new contracts.
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Main activities

  • Prepares a sales plan, draws up a prospecting program for potential customers, analyzes and monitors markets from a marketing approach, monitors developments in research and legislation
  • Prospects in new markets, prepares commercial offers, negotiates with customers up to signing new contracts
  • Negotiates amendments to existing contracts to expand and improve them
  • Creates targeted communication campaigns, participates in different commercial events and ensures continued contact with potential customers


Sales target set in direct relation to a portfolio of prospects

External corporate relations

Elected officials, local ities, decision-makers and industry representatives

Required experience

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Sales or general engineering.
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  • Ability to establish long-term relationships and execute technical aspects.
  • For engineers, previous sales experience is a bonus 

Key skills required

  • A feel and a taste for selling
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Tenacity
  • Good writing skills and the ability to grasp economic and technical issues

Possibilities for personal development

  • Sales manager
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